The first ZOOM Meeting was held January 30, 2021

(These notes were only sent to those attending the ZOOM Meeting)


NOTE FROM Don Huppe (Meeting Chairman):  I want to thank everyone who participated in tonight’s gathering.  It was great to see everyone again. The group has agreed that we will meet every quarter until we can collectively make our way back to Ottawa for a face to face meeting again.    Bob Doak suggested that I collect items of interest (Topics we would like to discuss) prior to the meeting.   This would then be distributed to everyone via email along with the meeting information (Date and Time).  The session was recorded this evening – the file is 343 MB in duration.  I sent an email to Dave Berry to bring him up to date – the file was sent as an attachment to him.  I asked him if it would be feasible to insert on the website.   Does everyone mind the meeting taking place on Saturdays or would you prefer it to take place a day during the week?  Your feedback is appreciated.  Have a good one!


IN ATTENDENCE: Don Huppe (chairman), Dan Savage, Gary Anderson, Lynn Wortman, Wayne Moore, Brian Mont, Jim Maheux, Dean Goodwin, Bob Doak, Bob Copland, Ray Lebeau, Gene Angrignon and Butch Whitlaw.


MEETINGS:  Combine the COVID restrictions plus the closure of CFS Leitrim ARM and foremost the safety of our members we will not be holding luncheons (Gaggles) until further notice.  In lieu of gaggles it was suggested that we hold ZOOM meetings quarterly.  Don Huppe agreed to chair the meetings and agreed to accept agenda items. Your input is greatly appreciated and please understand that we reserve the right to edit suggested inputs prior to publishing.



The annual fee for HostPapa (website) is about $65, and comes due on the 1st of September, 2021.  In addition, every three years we pay a one-time fee.  In 2019 it was $183 and change, and it will be renewed in September, 2022, and based on the HostPapa site, will be 36-month term: $10.99 per month (billed $395.64 for 3 years).   Hope that is enough info.

Based on the above, I do not require any more monies until September, 2021.


ASSOCIATION MAP:  Check the latest version of the map at:


IN REMEMBRANCE:  Since our December 2019 Gaggle the following obituaries/notices have been posted on our website at https://supradoldtimers.caThe cross denotes the individual was an SUPRAD OLDTIMERS ASSOCIATION member.


Norman James Denby Buist

Don Lapointe

Eugene Carey †

William Whelan

Kenneth Rexford Ives

Allan Pearson Bielby

Donald Esau Bruce Hynes

Andre Guibert

James Gabriel Doucet

Percy Joseph Jones

Ernest Anthony Westall

Betty Margaret Cummings (Keith)

Russel Norman Senior

Douglas Hyslop

Rick Pike

Beatrice (Trish) Geary

Howard Hartley †

Grace “Hilda” MacGillivray (Keay)

James Eric Steed

Gerald Murray Ronald Bell †

Maurice Vernon Burns †

Douglas Carson

Kelly Ann McKiel

Steven Gordon Newell †

Gloria Walker (Gib)

Jim Longmire †

Maurice Renaud

Charles William Kinoshameg

Rose Sampson (Harvey)

George “Ren” Molnar †

Frederick James Brewer

Pauline Strachan (Tom) †

John Calver Langford

Harold Eugene Joslin (USN)

Jean Claude Rathier

Bill Norman

David Warmington †

Donna Pearl Henderson (Ron)

Leith Ronald Bottrill

Russell Byron Bedell

Donald Clement Plakholm

Lawrence “Larry” Seguin

Carl Alexander Faulkner

Carman Fraser (George)

Donna Alexandra Rose (Gerry)

William John Vernon Berry

John Joseph Purcell 

Roderick Camillus MacNeil

Philip H. Davidson

Lisa M. Porter (WREN) 

Cedrick James “Jim” Joyce 

Carmella Lemay (Marcel)

Scott O’Neill 

James Daggett †

Ian Steel 

Barry Norris †

Patricia Gail Gerry (Busher)

Earl Brydon †

Bernard Bennett 

William “Whip” Low †


NEW LIFETIME ASSOCIATION MEMBERS:  Since our December 2019 Gaggle the following new members have been welcomed into the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association:


Richard Baker

Janet Lamothe

John Aitken

Jurgen Burchert

Jamie French

Mike Bellefeuille

Doug Hampton

Chris Ingersoll

Ron Henderson

Gerry St. Amand

Edmond Hindmarch

Sheldon Thornhill

Dave Yarker

Jack MacPhee

Wayne Riley

Tom Cronin

Jonas Berkshire

Allan Sobieralski

Mel Hayes

Dale Bagnall

Douglas “Roy” Holley

Michel Bergeron


Anyone interested becoming a Lifetime Oldtimer’s Association member can check the eligibility criteria on our website and forward an application to Butch Whitlaw at



MB [Butch] Whitlaw

68 Woodfield Dr.

Nepean, ON. K2G 0A3




Ambrose Atkins in Hospital – January 2021

Ambrose Atkins has been in and out of hospital since November, 2020 with liver problems. He is still in the Civic but arrangements are being made for him to possibly come home next week.   Suffice to say he is recovering and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Please do not try to contact the family at this time.  Butch Whitlaw will pass on more information as it becomes available.


  Elsa LESSARD Notes to SUPRAD Oldtimers

   I will be 99  years old on 2nd July  2021 (If I am lucky). I assume you are with SUPRAD group. Have I met you at the National Memorial recently?  I am physically gung ho but my memory bank is full to overflowing!.

    I just received a box of goodies & an orange tuque & lanyard from the Embassy of the Netherlands thanking me for my service in WW11 (I Intercepted Enemy Messages which was fed into the Alan Turin’s machine at Bletchley Park, UK. which helped in the liberation of the Netherlands from Hitler’s Nazis.) 

    The Governor General has sent her usual ‘Thanks for my Service’ & a jar of Apple jelly made from the fruit at  Rideau Hall estate. 

    Search online for  Elsa Drucilla Lessard, born in Ottawa, served in the Royal Canadian Navy’s  Women Service during World War Two.

   More Formally:

WREN Lessard, Elsa D. Service # W1578 – W/T SO (Wireless Telegraphist/ Special Operator:  We were sworn to secrecy for 40 years on pain of death (no kidding). 

    Since 1974 I have promoted the fact there were Women serving in World War Two & in particular my participation in the Royal Canadian Navy  Womens’ Service as WREN 1578 Elsa Drucilla LESSARD. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know ! LOL. Elsa  


2nd note:

Contrary to any reports you may have heard. I am not deceased. I  have a life membership in SUPRAD & my eldest brother Petty Officer Francis (Frank)  LESSARD is in the list of SUPRAD deceased. He enlisted in the RCN in 1928. He taught me Morse Code when I was a child & he sent letters & souvenirs from places his ships, the HMS Warspite, the HMCS  Sagueny  (Wikipedia has a great article on it)  & the HMCS

St Laurent.   It was said of him that “he could send faster with his foot than most with their fist”.

In WW Two I served in the Canadian Womens  RCN Service as WREN LESSARD, Elsa,, Service number W1578  Telegraphist, Special Operator.  I was stationed at secret locations: Lietrim, south of Ottawa & at a tiny hamlet in NB called Coverdale.  it became the large training base, known to history as HMCS Coverdale. We copied the German (morse-coded) messages to it’s fleet of U-boats prowling the ocean for convoys.  (Wikipedia has an excellent article on this ). We are The Listeners (the title of a book by UK author Alistair Mclean who claims that the Listeners around the British Empire saved a quarter of a million lives during the conflict (included the enemies German & Japan (when  the War in Europe was over in 1946,  WRENS manned  stations BC.)           

 Lynn Wortman & his wife were my friends for many years but I have lost track of both of them.  Lynn got my friend WREN Dorothy Robertson’s memory of her WRCNS experience in a long letter titled: “I do NOT go down to the Sea in Ships.” published In a special pamphlet that was sold at WREN Reunions for many years (last one in 2006).   

I will celebrate my 98th on the 2 July & although confined to barracks because of the current virus epidemic I have the time to remember. I  have encountered so many wonderful human beings during my long sojourn here.  I am grateful for the time to savour my memories & that  I am able to do so.

Forgive me for this long History lesson (but time is of the essence)  LOL  Thank you to the SUPRADs for the contribution to History.  Warmest regards to all,  Elsa  


The 2020 Colonel-in-Chief Commendation

  • Master Warrant Officer Patrice Guevremont, CD


2020 C&E Association Heritage Award – With Honour

  • Chief Warrant Officer Maynard (Butch) Whitlaw, CD (Ret’d)
  • Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Wayne R. Moore, MMM, CD (Retired)

More details to follow when available.



Greely Legion Needs Our Help


The Greely & District Legion, Branch 627 was forced to close in early March due to COVID-19 as commanded by both the Federal and Provincial Governments.

When the Greely Legion was formed by volunteers fifty years ago, they felt very honored to be able to purchase the previous sight of ‘HMCS GLOUCESTER’.  It was a perfect fit, an old military base to become the new home for retired veterans and their families to meet.

Branch members along with other volunteers have repurposed this site into a well respected and useful community facility.

The site has both a larger hall and a smaller hall, ample parking and a well maintained grass field for outdoor functions.

Each Legion Branch is unique.  Because Branch #627 is not located in the center of a village, near a city bus route, does not have a local newspaper or any other ongoing financial assistance, we rely mostly on hall rentals to cover our expenses.

This facility is used by community youth groups and seniors as well as our Veterans.  We are able to accommodate both large and small functions be it meetings, euchre parties, auction sales, weddings and receptions, celebrations of life, swap meets and camping events, etc.

Our Branch, like our home, receives monthly bills for hydro, insurance, alarm services and telephone as well as our winter heating costs.

We have had NO income since March.  We were fortunate enough to have been able to have two outdoor functions and received some financial donations from friends and branch members.

Our funds have run out.  We will no longer be able to pay our hydro, insurance or heating costs.  “Our need has become desperate”.  It would be unfortunate if our building’s hot water heating system were to freeze and destroy this historic site.

We appreciate that the Federal & Provincial Governments are offering help for businesses in need, but it seems that our Legion never qualifies since we operate with volunteer help and it is our utility bills which need to be covered.

This forced closure was through no fault of our Legion Branch.  One of our members, Henry Doucette, was kind enough to set up a GoFundMe page.  If you are interested in making a financial donation, you can click on the link or on the image below or send the Legion a cheque. Please feel free to contact me, President Linda Wyman (613-822-0233) or our Secretary Arlene Preston (613-826-6128), if you wish to donate in a different way. 

Any assistance we receive will be greatly appreciated.
Kindest Regards
Linda Wyman
Greely & District Legion, Branch 627
Telephone:  613-822-0233

Greely & District Legion – Royal Canadian Legion – Branch #627
PO Box 189, 8021 Mitch Owens Road
Greely, Ontario, K4P 1N5

We welcome any help to cover the expenses of the Greely Legion.
give now




CFS Leitrim All Ranks Mess


Message from the PMC

Posted: 28 Sep 2020 09:24 AM PDT

 Good day everyone,

 I hope that you and your family are doing well.  As you can see in the news, the second wave has started or is about to start, and the re-opening of the Mess is again delayed.  I will not attempt to be a fortune teller, and forecast any date for the re-opening of the Mess.  However, you can rest assured that the Hospitality Program, the pizza on the third Thursday of each month, and the weekly draw for gift certificates will remain in place. 

 The Mess Manager and the Executive are monitoring the finances closely.  It is not the time to create a deficit nor is the intent to accumulate a surplus.  With no bar sales – normally the main source of revenues for the Mess, there is little room for mistakes.  The Entertainment Committee tried to organize a low cost on-line event, but was cancelled due to the lack of interest. 

  The Entertainment Committee is still eager to try again.  An on-line survey to determine your interest for a virtual Escape Room or a Murder Mystery will be released soon. Your input is needed before committing funds from the Mess toward such activities. 

 The AGM that was initially scheduled for last Friday has been postponed to the 23rd of October. Too many activities happening on the Station, and not enough people registering for the virtual AGM.  Please note the documentation for the AGM is being published on the ARM Website at the following link:  One important action that shall be conducted in accordance with the ARM Constitution & Bylaws is the yearly review of the mess dues by the membership (Article 808). So I hope that everyone will take the time to connect to the AGM.

 Did anyone take advantage of the discount offered by Houseboat Holiday for a houseboat this summer? Please let us know.

 That will be it for today.  If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me (, PO Alex Dori (, or the positional mailbox for the Executive (+CFS Leitrim Mess Executive Committee – SFC Leitrim Mess Comite Executif@CFSU(O) PSP@Ottawa-Hull)


Quilt of Valour Presentation – Wayne Chaisson

Master Warrant Officer (ret’d) Wayne Chaisson received his QOV for his 40+ years of service to the CAF. Wayne was Comms Research 291 from 1972-2012. During Wayne’s long career he had many deployments such as 7 tours in Alert, 2 tours in Inuvik and Bermuda. Wayne’s beautiful QOV ID# ON-18-20-076 was made by the talented Conny Beauchamp of North Bay, On.





2021 SUPRAD Oldtimers Association Reunion June 25 -27

Details to follow once the mess is open



Supplementary Radio (SUPRAD) System Oldtimers Association

Annual Reunion – ‘Service of Remembrance’

21 June 2020

(Complete Text Attached below as well)


As a result of the Government of Canada COVID-19 imposed restrictions, this year’s Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio (SUPRAD) System Oldtimers Association Annual Reunion had to be cancelled. Regrettably, we were not able to physically gather at the Gloucester Cairn, 21 June 2020, for our annual Service of Remembrance. This was the first time in the history of the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association that we have had to cancel our annual reunion. Even though we may not be permitted to meet at the site of the Gloucester Cairn to participate in our Service of Remembrance, we felt it was important to take some time to remember those who have passed away since our June 2019 reunion.

I have always commented that the Sunday morning Service of Remembrance is the most important event of our annual reunion. This annual gathering gives us the opportunity to remember, and to celebrate the lives of SUPRAD Life Members, friends and spouses who are no longer with us. Even though they have passed, because of our SUPRAD family strong bonds of friendship, we will always remember them.

Our Association – ‘Friends Forever’

Since 2005, members of the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association have been attending Services of Remembrance at the site of the Gloucester Cairn. Before 2005, it was held at the Legion in the Village of Manotick.

For the past twenty-six years, since 1994, thanks to the dedication and leadership of our very good friends, Wayne Moore, Butch Whitlaw and Lynn Wortman, we have been privileged to be members of the SUPRAD Oldtimer’s Association. We should never forget the amount of work they do for us from year to year.

It is because of our Association that we have been able to keep in touch with one another from coast – to coast – to coast, and to continue to enjoy each others valuable gift of friendship. Our website at ‘Online Oldtimers’ was started by Irv Finkleman, and managed for many years by Jim Troyanek. Recently, it was taken over by Dave Berry, who has done a tremendous amount of work to upgrade the site. If you have not been visiting this site, you should be, because it is a great resource for keeping up-to-date on what’s happening within our SUPRAD family. As well, Dave designed a ‘Locator Map’ for all of the Oldtimers Association Life Members and it can be found on the ‘Online Oldtimers’ website.

Military and civilian personnel who proudly served a tour in the Supplementary Radio System are eligible to become Life Members of our Association. When the SUPRAD Oldtimers came into existence, we started with a membership of around 600 Life Members. As of today, Butch told me that he has on his mailing list – 466 Life Members, 141 non-members and 16 widows. I am sure we all know someone who served with us, who for one reason or another, has not yet become a Life Member. I would encourage you to please invite them to join our wonderful Association.

During our years in uniform, we served in isolated and semi-isolated communities in Gander, Masset, Bermuda, Inuvik, Aklavik, Frobisher Bay, Churchill and out of country. Additionally, some of our Navy hands actually spent time at sea as Electronic Warfare (EW) operators and Special Ops personnel in support of naval operations. By becoming Life Members, we continued to remain united as brothers and sisters. We started, and completed, most of our Radioman Special trades training, as operators and as technicians, at HMCS Gloucester. In addition to our limited posting opportunities, we proudly volunteered to serve as members of Alert’s ‘Frozen Chozen’ at the northern tip of Ellesmere Island. This small SIGINT listening post has been given the Guinness Book of World Records distinction of being the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.

The official motto of our Association is ‘Friends Forever’. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘the only way to have a friend is to be one’. As members of the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association, we have LOTS OF FRIENDS! And better yet, and I say this every year because it bares saying every year . . . when we proudly say that we are ‘Friends Forever’, we don’t just say it, we truly and honestly MEAN IT! FRIENDS FOREVER!

A few years back, Bob Todd told me that a retired military member from another trade said that he wished they had what we have. I told Bob, he should have told him that there are three main reasons we have a SUPRAD Oldtimers Association . . . they are: Wayne Moore, Butch Whitlaw and Lynn Wortman. Thanks again to them.

We are affectionately called ‘Oldtimers’ for a good reason. Many of us can go can back thirty, forty and yes, even fifty plus years. It goes without saying that the members of the SUPRAD community are a very close-knit military family. In addition to getting together during our Annual Reunions at Canadian Forces Station Leitrim, the SUPRAD Home Station, we have celebrated each other’s birthdays and anniversaries and extended best wishes to those recovering from an illness. We have shared in the excitement of becoming grand-parents, great grand-parents and some even GREAT-GREAT grand-parents.

The Gloucester Cairn was built in memory of our comrades and family members and it was entirely funded through donations from the members of our SUPRAD Oldtimers Association. Mr. Van Geffen, who was born in Holland, constructed the cairn. He respected Canadians for their heroic efforts in freeing Holland in 1945. To recognize this, he placed a 1945 nickel, that he had been saving for years, in the cairn.

With Ren Molnar, acting as the Master of Ceremonies, the dedication of this Cairn took place on the 25th of June 2005.

For all those who have not read the inscription on the plaque, it reads as follows:

Opened in 1943 as a Naval Radio Station utilizing High Frequency Direction Finding to aid in the combat against German U-boats in WWII, Gloucester evolved into a military Signals Intelligence communications and training establishment. This monument is dedicated to the men and women who trained and served at this site. Their many contributions to the security of this nation must never be forgotten. In War, or in peace, it matters not, the mission does not change.

Now, let’s remember the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association Life Members, friends and beloved spouses, who have passed away since we last met here on the 23rd of June, 2019. For those who may not know, all those who were Life Members of our SUPRAD Oldtimers Association, are marked with small crosses on copper leaves of a Life Member Tree that is displayed in the foyer of the All Ranks Mess at Leitrim. Thank you to Lynn Wortman, and Butch Whitlaw, for the creation and installation of our SUPRAD Life Member Tree.

Even though we cannot gather together this year, we still want to fondly remember and celebrate the lives of dear friends and loved ones who have gone before us.

Since our June 2019 re-union, forty-five of our family members and friends have gone to be re-united with their ancestors. Ten were Life Members and thirty-five were non-member friends and spouses. Some of the names are of members and friends who passed several years ago, but we just recently found out.

The 10 Life Members were:

Graham McCallum (13 November 2017)

Jean-Guy Rodrigue

Eugene ‘Zack’ Carey

Krys Carey

Gerry Bell

Howard Hartley

Maurice ‘Moe’ Burns

John Brian ‘Jack’ Sullivan

Steve Newell

James ‘Jim’ Longmire

The 35 Non-Member Friends and Spouses were:

Henry Schroer (passed away in 1967)

Hugh Barr

David Evans

Donald Marshall

William (Bill) McDill

Doris Hope

Richard (Rick) Collis

Dick Leahy

Shelley White

Jack Chaters

Anne MacDonald

Jack Sullivan

Al Penney

David Collier (22 May 2017)

Don ‘Swampy’ Lapointe

Norm Buist

William ‘Bill’ Whelan

Ken Ives

Bruce Hynes

Allan Bielby

Tony Westall

Percy Jones

Betty Margaret Cummings

Russ Senior (Former Commander CFCC)

Rick Pike

Beatrice Geary

Howard Hartley

Hilda MacGillivray

Douglas ‘Dougie’ Carson

Kelly Ann McKiel

James ‘Jim’ Eric Steed

James Gabriel Doucet (21 May 2010)

André Guibert (7 August 2014)

Gloria Walker

Maurice ‘Moe’ Renaud



Service of Remembrance June 2020




Reunion 2020 – Cancelled


30 SUPRAD Oldtimer’s Association members were canvassed and a large majority advised that we cancel the 2020 reunion entirely.

We can always revisit the possibility of organizing a reunion later this year once it becomes safe to proceed.

All updates/changes will be posted ASAP on our website


Friends Forever


MB [Butch] Whitlaw





February 11, 2020

Squatting: Dave Berry
Seated: Bob White, John Belland, Butch Whitlaw, Gary Fouchard, Brian Cassidy, Wayne Moore, Vern Veinot, Terry Whalley, Dwayne Whalley
Middle: Bernie Forget, Andre Bolduc, Gord Belyea, Jim Hill, Norm Rockwell, Peter Smith, Ed Ripley, Nigel Van Loan, Larry Lambourne, Mike Blow, Clint Briscoe
Rear: Don Henry, Bill Neelin, Brian Mont, Howie Voight, Bob Spinney, Cory Pike, Brian Windle, Mike Bellefeuille. Chuck O’Dale, Month Montgomery, Roger Ellsworth, Norm Weir, Lynn Wortman, Roger Newman




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