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Over the years, I have collected a number of Article, Links, and General Information that some of you might enjoy as well.

These article and links are listed in no particular order, and my plan is to publish entries on a regular (weekly) basis.

All feedback and suggestion appreciated, by completing the Contact Us page, or sending an email to davenberry43@gmail.com.


  • Ever wonder why so many people end up being miserable after they retire? There is also a useful video at the end of the article.
  • Some of you are aware that I enjoy walking a great deal, in fact this month (October, 2021) I am averaging over 12,000 per day. Here is a video that extols the benefits of walking. I have other articles that I will share over time, but this video covers the majority of the relevant points.


  • Lightning Strike Maps (1) and (2).



  • Rome to Reo (Gives full directions from any two places – door to door, anywhere in the world.)

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