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Christmas Luncheon

Good lunch, good company.  Next lunch will be scheduled for sometime in March.  
L-R:  Nancy Wortman, Corinne Stewart, Orlene Whitlaw, Rose Moore, Linda Lovelace, Berney Goodwin and Maime Johnston.
Merry Christmas to all and Good Health for 2023.




CFS LEITRIM December 6, 2022



Floor: Terry Whalley, Dwayne Whalley

Seated: Lorraine Blow, Lou Kabesh, Betty Ringrose, Vern Veinot, Phil Colwill, Edna Atkins, Nancy Wortman, Lynn Wortman, Corrine Stewart

Middle Row: Alice Fouchard, Gary Fouchard, Ed Ripley, Linda Ripley, Carole Windle, Lou Todd, Dee Cook, Bob White, Sharon Parkinson, Dave Berry, Corine Stewart, Wayne Moore, Rose Moore, Sandi Briscoe, Clint Briscoe, Linda Lovelace, Joyce Newman, Orlene Whitlaw, Bernie Goodwin, Shirley St. Marseille

Back Row: Bob Todd, Bill Neelin, Gord Belyea, Bob Spinney, Brian Windle, Jim Atkins, Ruby Humes, Jim Humes, Terry Procyshyn, James Hill, Gerald Fleming, Dick Cook, Brian Ballard, George Stewart, Norm Weir, Bernie Forget, Michael St. Marseille, Michael Christie, Mike Blow, Chuck O’Dale, Roger Ellsworth, Pat Ellsworth, Roger Newman, Dean Goodwin, Dale Tellier, Butch Whitlaw

Welcome everyone to our last Gaggle of 2022. Hopefully 2023 will witness a healthier setting and we can enjoy more personal contact. It is good to have 61 Oldtimers, for today’s luncheon.

In addition to the Group photo, here is a link some additional picture of the event:

Once again, Lolacher’s Catering put on a buffet dinner consisting of: Chef Salad, Stuffing, Roasted Turkey, Tourtiere, Swedish Meatballs, Whipped Potatoes, Peas & Carrots, as well as Christmas Desserts and Tea and Coffee.

Thank you for coming and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families.

Our sincerest thanks for the support and loan of station facilities goes to:

  • CFS Leitrim Commanding Officer – LCol Michael W. Moulton

  • Station Warrant OfficerSCWO Lanctot

  • Mess President – Captain Fannie Simon

  • CFS Leitrim ARM manager – Lori Tapp-Foster

  • Bartender/photographer/waitress/Cook – Wanda and Julie

  • Special thanks to Lolacher’s Catering for lunch.

50/25/25 DRAW: Today’s winners of $ 105.00 each were Bob Spinney and Bernie Goodwin.

Thank you for the donations of door prizes. Winners were:

Plaque – Terry Procyshyn

Golf Coasters – Shirley St. Marseille

Tray – Terry Whalley

FINANCES:  We have $625.80 in our account.

NOTICES:  As before all notices/obituaries are posted on our website for the information of everyone. Our website remains at


Dale Tellier


Michael Watts

Douglas Manion

Doug Dodd

James Smith


One of the Oldtimers (Norm Weir) would like to purchase a copy of: Canadian History of Canadian Signals Intelligence and Direction Finding by Lynn Wortman and George Fraser which is out of print. If You have a copy that You would like to sell, drop me a line, or contact Norm directly:


February 14th, 0223.

2023 Gaggle Dates

We have reserved the CFS Leitrim All Ranks Mess for the following dates in 2023, so mark these dates on your calendar:

February 14th; April 11th; June 6th (first week to give time to arrange for reunion);

June 23, 24 & 25 Annual Reunion; August 8th; October 10th; and December 5th (Christmas Luncheon).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



2022 National Remembrance Day Celebration Photos:

An excellent collection of photos at The National War Memorial.






Front Row: Bob White, Lou Kabesh, Gary Fouchard, Bob Kerr, Phil Colwill, Nancy Wortman, Lynn Wortman, Terry Whalley, Dwayne Whalley

Middle Row: Chuck O’Dale, Dave Berry, Clint Briscoe, Wayne Moore, Howie Voight, Bernie Forget, Roger Ellsworth, Peter Dalton, Brian Cassidy, Ed Ripley, Ken Halcrow

Back Row: Rob Dunbar, Greg Jensen, Bob Todd, Jim Humes, Roger Newman, Mike Blow, Neil O’Hare, Andre Dumolin, Bill Neelin, Rob Mantle, Ray Lebeau, Butch Whitlaw

Our sincerest thanks for the support and loan of station facilities goes to:

· CFS Leitrim Commanding OfficerLCol Michael W. Moulton

· Station Warrant OfficerSCWO Lanclot

· Mess PresidentCaptain Fannie Simon

· CFS Leitrim ARM managerLori Tapp-Foster

· Bartender/photographer/waitress/CookWanda and Julie

· Special thanks to Lori Tapp-Foster and crew for preparing today’s lunch.


  • Congratulations to Mike Blow on being awarded with a Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation. Details are posted on and a copy is attached to these notes. Well done Smokie.

  • Thanks to Rob Dunbar who donated $110.00 from the profit of sales from association shirts. Thanks Rob! Also, if anyone in the Ottawa area would like an Oldtimers Shirt, to contact me on Facebook, or at with details, NAME, SIZE, COLOUR etc. They should be ready by next gaggle if I put the order in ASAP. You can see some of the these shirts being modelled in the above group photo.

  • There was a question from the floor about the Greely Legion Remembrance Day service. There is nothing listed on the Greely Calendar, but I have sent them an email, and will report later what I find out.

50/25/25 DRAW: Today’s lucky winners of $50.00 each were Nancy Wortman and Ken Halcrow.

FINANCES: We have $523.41

NOTICES: As before all notices/obituaries are posted on our website for the information of everyone. Our new website remains at


Nate Sluiter

Jean-Marc Labarre

Normand Labrie

Thomas Timmerman

Serge Theriault

Rob Elliott

Mike Christie

Richard Newton


Pat Kilen

Douglas Rossiter

Joseph P. Costello

Dick McDonald

Patricia Lawless

Kevin Bruce

Robert Rutter


We have scheduled our next Gaggle for noon on December 6, 2022. This will also be our annual Christmas Gathering, where you can bring your significant other as well. The lunch will be catered by Lolacher’s Catering and will cost $40.00 per person. Please make payment to Butch Whitlaw by cash, cheque or e-transfer, NLT November 30th.


We have transferred our domain hosting from HostPapa to FastComet effective September 1st, 2022 after HostPapa provided hosting services for the past three years. The only reason that domain hosting has changed to a new provider was cost. HostPapa was asking for triple the price to host our site going forward. I came to discover most hosting companies provide a marked-down sign-up rate, but when you renew, the price jumps, as we found out in August.

While FastComet is now providing the hosting services for the next three years, for ‘you’ the user, there is no change, as we keep the same domain name, and the web addresses continues to be

If you have any questions/suggestions about our website (it belongs to YOU), send them to the webmaster (me) at, and we will do our utmost to include them in the site design.

Michael Blow
Orleans, Ontario

Mr. Michael Blow retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2008, after 35 years of service. Being an avid motorcyclist, in 2010, Mr. Blow joined the Canadian Army Veterans (CAV). Mr. Blow decided to leave the CAV and start his own national motorcycle riding club, whose main focus was to support serving and retired Forces members. In March 2010, he and two others founded the Canadian Veteran Freedom Riders (CVFR) with the creation the CVFR Ottawa Chapter. Since its beginnings, the club has grown to 14 units, including one unit in Germany containing Canadian members posted in Germany. Under Mr. Blow’s guidance, the Canadian Veterans Freedom Riders has turned into a lifeline for many Veterans across Canada. Mr. Blow’s leadership as National President with the CVFR has resulted in securing a service dog for an individual in need, and the raising of thousands of dollars, which have been donated to organizations supporting Veterans as well as other charitable organizations. Since 2011, Mr. Blow has also served as the Canadian Chair and Coordinator of the Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride, an international event for the remembrance of fallen allied soldiers. In addition, in 2014, Mr. Blow lobbied the Mayor of Owen Sound to have a park named after Corporal Robert Thomas James Mitchell, a soldier killed in Afghanistan. Mr. Blow rode eight hours to attend the dedication of the park and meet with his fallen comrade’s family members.

B. Whitlaw



The 2022 edition of the Oldtimers reunion was a well-attended event with something for everyone, including a parade, sit-down dinner, golf, Service of Remembrance and Sunday Brunch.

The activities started mid-morning on Friday, June 24th at CFS Leitrim with the 80th anniversary parade, where the SUPRAD Oldtimers were invited guests. When we arrived, we were escorted from the main gate after surrendering our cell phones in a metal cabinet that resembled a community mailbox, to our seats by military personnel in full Number One dress. There was covered seating for the Oldtimers and other invited guests, and the parade started at 11:00 sharp with the arrival of Bgen Lambert.

The program consisted of a parade made up of about 36 troops; a blessing from the Grandmother of the Station (Danka Brewer), Troop inspection; Reviewing Officer Address followed by an address by our very own Wayne Moore, who did an excellent job of describing the SUPRAD Oldtimers to the group.

Following the parade, we all went to the All Ranks Mess for a reception and light lunch, followed by a group photo of our Oldtimer members. Here is a link to some photos:

Mid-afternoon, I drove back to Leitrim for the Friday evening Meet-and-Greet. At the event, there were about 50 people, including a couple from Newfoundland (Brian Mont and Dave Shaw), as well as a number of Oldtimers sharing stories and generally enjoying each other’s company. It was great to be able to put some names to faces of people who I have corresponded over the years, but never hand an opportunity to meet face to face. Here is a link to some photos:

On Saturday, June 25th) when I arrived at Leitrim, the CFS Leitrim ARM manager – Lori Tapp-Foster was the only person in The Mess, and she helped me add seating for an additional 12 people for the evening’s dinner, so that we had places for 82 people.

Next, the catering team from Lolacher’s arrived and started setting up the tables for the sit-down dinner, consisting of hip of beef, with all the trimmings.

There were about 80 people in attendance at the dinner event, and as with the Meet-and-Greet, there was a great deal of ‘catching-up’ to be done with old and new friends. I took a number of photos to immortalize the evening, and everyone had a great time.

After dinner, the prizes were handed out for the golf, followed by a number of donated door prizes that we pulled names. Unfortunately, because Wayne Moore and I were pulling the names, I neglected to take note of the 15-20 winners, but from memory, some winners were Dwayne Whalley, Pat Ellsworth, Max Maheux, and Mike Blow. Also, a huge ‘thank-you’ to all the people who donated door prizes, very generous indeed. Here is a link to some photos: h

On Sunday, June 27th, When I arrived at the Greely Legion – Branch 627, 8021 Mitch Owens Road, there was a good turn-out gathered around the Cairn. As Ray Lebeau has already written of the day, I will let his words and the photos speak for themselves. Here is a link to some photos:


From Ray Lebeau:

Good Day Everyone,

What an enjoyable and memorable Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio (SUPRAD) System Oldtimers Association Reunion week-end! After all of the well organized Friday, Saturday and Sunday events, I am taking it easy today.

I do want to take this time to express my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the dignified Service of Remembrance that was held at the Gloucester Cairn on Sunday. We had a very nice turnout of members and friends and the weather was perfect. Thanks to Dave’s e-mail about lawn chairs and umbrellas, just about everyone remembered to bring them. Thanks to Bob, the Cairn and the grounds surrounding the Cairn were in great condition. I just saw an e-mail from Bob telling Butch that he was going to epoxy a 1945 nickel into the Cairn for the one that went missing sometime during these past three years. The sound system that was provided by Vern worked perfectly. Thank you Vern for doing this for us year after year. I thought that having three readers for reading the names (from June 2019 to June 2022) went really well. Thank you Rob, Ed and Wayne for volunteering to read 177 names, you each did a commendable job. Charles Armstrong’s bugling of the Last Post and Rouse and John Virag’s piping of the Lament and piping all of us to the Legion really added to the true feeling of our being a close-knit military family.

I cannot find an e-mail address for Lynda Wyman, so Wayne, if you could forward this e-mail to her I would like to say a big thank you to her and her Greely Legion galley crew for a really enjoyable brunch. I heard nothing but good comments for the delicious meal that was served. The Legion never disappoints.

I have included Georgina Montgomery as an INFO addressee on this e-mail because I want her to know that the SUPRAD flag that she and Tom donated (when they had their Flag Shop) was proudly flying on the flag-staff at the Cairn. Georgina, you should know that the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association takes really good care of that very special flag.

PS. Thank you, thank you, thank you Wayne, Butch, Dave, Bill & Lynn for the countless hours that you guys worked on the preparation and planning for this year’s CF SUPRAD System Oldtimers Association 2022 Reunion. BRAVO ZULU to everyone.

‘Friends Forever’



From Eric Coles:

The golf winners were:

Men – Terry Whalley, Linda Ripley, Bob Todd, Jim Humes

Women – Rose Moore, Nancy Wortman, Barb Burleigh

Longest Drive Men – Butch Whitlaw

Longest Drive Women – Rose Moore

Closest to the Pin Men – Butch Whitlaw

Closest to the Pin Women – (No one hit the Green)

Closest to the T – Terry Whalley

A big thank-you to the following for supporting the reunion with either funds or products from their businesses – Pete Hillier, Rob Dunbar, Sue Gibb and Don Rideout.

Here is a link to some photos:




FINAL PLANNING GUIDE – Item reminder, Ray Lebeau has developed a Final Planning Guide, and if you require a copy or have any questions, please contact Ray at: raylebeau@sympatico.caIt was pointed out that the previous mention of this item named it a Family Planning Guide.  The correct title if Final Planning Guide as we are far too old to start family planning.

Friends Forever!


B. Whitlaw



Chiefs and PO’s Mess Photo

Row 1 – Roger Power, Sid Fowler, Morley Love, Frank Emmett, Norrie Lamorie, Wayne Redmond, Lorne Hassard, Guy Savard

Row 2 – Harvey Quackenbuch, Charlie Langdon, Vern Veinot, Morley Love, ,Ray Nunn, ,Charlie Langdon ,

Row 3 – ,Dick Wells, , John Ezard, , Jim Maheux, Ray Nunn, Bill (Whip) Lowe,

Row 4 Ted Jackson, Fred Crowe, Tom Tischart, Tom Montgomery , Cec Dacre, Mike Frost , , , ,Ron McLean, ,

Row 5 , ,Bob Lesperance, Russ Israel, Sam Simmons, , , , ,

Row 6 Dave Horton, Commandant Johnson, Manny Wells, Grant Dodd, Al Dean, Jim Dickinson, Don Churchill, , , Grant Dodd, Dash Mackay, Gib Walker, Reg MacDonald



Gaggle 2019 Christmas Dinner Photos

Photos from the December 10th, 2019 Christmas Luncheon at CFS Leitrim.


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20th Anniversary Reunion Photos

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