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GAGGLE Minutes

11 June 2024 at Noon

CFS Leitrim – All Ranks Mess


Group Photo:

Front: Roger Ellsworth, Bernie Forget, Bob White, Dean Goodwin, Bob Kerr, Phil Colwill, Wayne Moore, Gary Fouchard, Brian Cassidy, Terry Whalley, Dwayne Whalley

Centre: Howie Voight, Dave Berry, J.P Roy, Tony Cobden, Eric Coles, Janet Coles, Clint Briscoe, Roger Newman, Jim Hill, Michael St-Marseille, Don Ruth, Karen Stacey, Dave Brunton, Bill Hildreth, Butch Whitlaw.

Rear: Chuck O’Dale, Bill Neelin, Peter Dalton, Bob Todd, Greg Jensen, Wayne Boone, Mike Blow, Gerry Ladouceur, Nick Daniels, Dan Schulz, Pete Smith, Ed Ripley, Rob Dunbar, Bob Lesperance, Ray Lebeau, George Stewart, Jim Humes.

Neil O’Hare and Ted Kendell are missing from the group photo.

Additional Luncheon Photos:



Sandwiches, salads, dessert, and coffee were served up by Lori Tapp-Foster.


Oldtimer Gaggle Dates


The CFS Leitrim ARM is reserved for 2024 Gaggles on the following dates:

  • August 13, 2024

  • October 08, 2024

  • December 10, 2024 for the Christmas Luncheon

All Gaggle luncheons require an RSVP to Butch Whitlaw. This ensures the number of members attending is correct and enough food is prepared by Lori and her Staff.


Everyone was welcomed to the Gaggle


Our sincerest thanks for the support and loan of station facilities goes to:

  • CFS Leitrim Commanding Officer – LCol Leslie Rediger

  • Station Warrant Officer – SCWO Martin Lanctot

  • Mess President – Maj Josh de Boer

  • CFS Leitrim ARM Manager – Lori Tapp-Foster

  • Bartender/photographer – Wanda

  • Caterers –Lori Tapp and crew for preparing today’s luncheon.


New Members


New members that have joined the SUPRAD Oldtimers Association since our April 9th2024 Gaggle:

  • Rick Carlson

  • Wayne Chernow

  • Gord Estey

  • Gary D. Everett

  • Dave Kidd

  • Charles Mandeville

  • Lyle Marciniw

  • Chris McBride

  • Murray Nelson

  • Wade Thornhill

In Remembrance:


Since the 9th of April Gaggle, the following members, spouses and friends have passed away:


Andrews, Clarence Harold (Andy) – 11 April, 2024

Barkhouse, George Albert – 20 April, 2024

Wortman, Lynn – 23 April, 2024

Diamond, Calvin Ryburn – 09 April, 2024

Reynolds, Bev (Art) – April, 2024

Cassidy-Lough, Norma M. (Dacre) – 09 April, 2024

Wade Randall Hebb – May 30, 2024

Mike Juhas – 10 June 2024


Obituaries can be found on the SUPRAD Oldtimers website.


30th Anniversary SupRad Oldtimers Renunion June 21 – 23


You can register to attend one day or all three days:

All Meals must be prepaid

  • Friday Pizza – $10.00 (contact Karen)

  • Saturday Dinner – $45.00 (contact Butch);

  • Sunday Brunch – $15.00 (contact Butch) e-transfer to or send cash/cheque/money order to: M.B. Whitlaw; 68 Woodfield Drive; Nepean, On K2G 0A3


30th Anniversary Reunion Update


Wayne Moore – The final numbers for the Reunion must be submitted by June 17th.

Lolacher’s Catering will be putting on the Sat evening buffet dinner starting at approximately 1800hrs.

Doors to the Mess will open at 1600hrs


The buffet will consist of:

Mixed Greens Salad

Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey (White & Dark Meat)

Sage gravy

Cranberry Stuffing

Old Fashioned Meat Tourtière

Sweet BBQ Meatballs

Cream Whipped Potatoes

Buttery Peas & Baby Carrots Mix

Rolls, butter

Assorted Desserts (3 pieces per person)

Tea, Coffee

Cranberry Relish



Karen Stacey– The Meet & Greet Pizza will be delivered between 1700-1730 on Friday.

The CFS Leitrim ARM Lori will be ordering the pizzas from Gabriel’s on June 18th. We currently have 63 members registered for orders. If you haven’t paid please do so NLT June 17th


There are currently 35 door prizes for the banquet.

Special thank you to donations from:

Pete Hillier

Nancy Wortman

Serge Laurin

Francis Vachon

Karen Stacey

Gary Springer

Butch Whitlaw

Bernie Forget

George Stewart

Sue Gibb

Phil Colwill

Terry Whalley

Dave Berry

Bob Kerr

Bob White

Bob Todd


In addition, Shawn Lodge has donated an Adirondack Chair Set made by his father-in-law worth approximately $400+that we will be raffling off. He is willing to deliver locally in the Ottawa region.

Tickets will be available 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. Janet Coles has graciously volunteered to sell the tickets on Friday Night. Terry Whalley and Brian Cassidy will be selling them for an hour or so on Saturday before the banquet dinner.


Dave Berry – Has created an extensive slideshow of photos from various years of our trade’s men and women. This will be presented on the big screen at the ARM throughout the Reunion weekend. Karen and Dave will be taking photos throughout the Reunion Weekend.


Eric Coles – The 9 hole Raceview Golf Course across the road from the Casino, 4740 High Road has been reserved for Saturday 22 June for the Reunion. Please sign in that morning with Eric and Janet before 0930.

There are 14 T-times, one every 7 minutes – for a total of 52 golfers.

There is still room for 1 more team.

If you wish to add the last team please send Eric Coles the names of the golfers at

The $40 payment to golf can be made to him by an e-transfer or you can pay cash at the course when you register.

Once again Please pay ahead of time or Bring cash.


Ray Lebeau Service of Remembrance

The service takes place at 0900 at the site of the Gloucester Cairn which is located at the entrance-way to the Greely Legion,8021 Mitch Owens Road. During the dignified service, the names of 24 Life Members and 42 nonmembers/spouses who passed away since our last Annual Reunion (June 2023) will be read.

The Last post will be once again played by bugler Charles Armstrong.

Following the service, everyone will be piped to the Greely Legion by piper John Virag for a buffet-style brunch.


Rob Dunbar – The Challenge Coins will not arrive in time for the Reunion however the company will be covering the costs for shipping. If you have placed an order please contact Rob to give him your home address at

There will be a few hats available at the Reunion or place an order through the Kit Shop.

Oldtimer Kit Shop


Open Discussion


Rob Dunbar and Capital City Chorus will be performing at the St Thomas The Apostle Anglican Church, 2345 Alta Vista Dr on Saturday June 15th. There is a 1400hrs and a 1900hrs performance. Tickets are available online through Eventbrite.


33/33/33 Draw


Ed Ripley and Wayne Boone both won $65


We’ll see you at the 30th Anniversary Reunion.



Giggle Luncheon

29 September 2023 – Hardstones Grill


L-R:  Lori Reason, Nancy Wortman, Brian Cassidy, Lynn Wortman, Butch Whitlaw, Wayne Moore, Orlene Whitlaw, Corinne Stewart and  Rose Moore.
Because we are getting fewer and fewer ladies attending these lunches, we may have to call it quits.  It’s great to have the spouses attend but would like to see a few more ladies.  I will try one more time, not sure of date yet but will let you know.





FINAL PLANNING GUIDE – Item reminder, Ray Lebeau has developed a Final Planning Guide, and if you require a copy or have any questions, please contact Ray at: raylebeau@sympatico.caIt was pointed out that the previous mention of this item named it a Family Planning Guide.  The correct title if Final Planning Guide as we are far too old to start family planning.

Friends Forever!


B. Whitlaw




20th Anniversary Reunion Photos

Hundreds of photos from the 2014 Reunion.





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