Gatherings and Photos

Chiefs and PO’s Mess Photo

Row 1 – Roger Power, Sid Fowler, Morley Love, Frank Emmett, Norrie Lamorie, Wayne Redmond, Lorne Hassard, Guy Savard

Row 2 – Harvey Quackenbuch, Charlie Langdon, Vern Veinot, Morley Love, ,Ray Nunn, ,Charlie Langdon ,

Row 3 – ,Dick Wells, Ted Jackson, John Izzard, , Jim Maheux, Ray Nunn, Bill (Whip) Lowe,

Row 4 Ted Jackson, Fred Crowe, Tom Tischart, Tom Montgomery , Cec Dacre, Mike Frost , , , ,Ron McLean, ,

Row 5 , ,Bob Lesperance, Russ Israel, Sam Simmons, , , , ,

Row 6 Dave Horton, Commandant Johnson, Manny Wells, Grant Dodd, Al Dean, Jim Dickinson, Don Churchill, , , Grant Dodd, Dash Mackay, Gib Walker, Reg MacDonald



Gaggle Christmas Dinner Photos

Photos from the December 10th Christmas Luncheon at CFS Leitrim.


Gaggle Luncheon Group Photos

A collection of over 50 images spanning the years from 2004 to 2019.


20th Anniversary Reunion Photos

Hundreds of photos from the 2014 Reunion.





December 10, 2019




Front: Bernie Forget, Dave Berry, Wayne Moore, Ray Lebeau

Seated: John Belland, Frank Sullivan, Gary Fouchard, Vern Veinot, Betty Ringrose, Mary Curtin, Ren Molnar, Ambrose Atkins, Edna Atkins, Dave Warmington, Lori Warmington, Carole Windle, Emni Eltassi, Sandy Gauthier, Joyce Gaudet

Rear Front: Bill Neelin, Dave Smith, Bob Spinney, Bob White, Dean Goodwin, Marcel Lemay, Lou Kabesh, Gord Belyea, Norm Weir, Chuck Pfinder, Guy Savard, Brian Cassidy, Chris Hall, Brian Windle, Nigel Van Loan, Ed Ripley, Wade Hebb, Dwayne Whalley, Terry Whalley

Rear: Bob Todd, Gerry Ladouceur, Alex Dori, Steve Newell, Paul Bernard, Howie Voight, Brian Mont, Roger Newman, Andre Bolduc, Bob Lesperance, Roger Ellsworth, Dick Cook, Neil O’Hare, Rob Dunbar, Bernie Lee, Pierre Lauzon, Larry Lambourne, Blair Freeman, Bob Griffin, Bruce Fraser, Larry Girton, George Stewart, Brock Cooper, Harry Karasewich, Butch Whitlaw

Away Back: Roy Marsaw, Kevin O’Keefe, Jim Humes, Scott Mclean, Monty Montgomery, Chuck O’Dale, Ron Rudichuk, Phil Colwill, Lynn Wortman, Mike Blow




Christmas Giggle Lunch

Another small crowd but we enjoyed ourselves.  Hopefully we will get more in the Spring.  Our next luncheon will be  Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at the Four Seasons Cook House, 1545 Merivale Road.
Merry Christmas to you all and the very best in the New Year.
Names – L-R:  Nancy Wortman, Rose Moore, Linda Lovelace, Orlene Whitlaw, Corinne Stewart, Pat Ellsworth.

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