Gone, But Not Forgotten


Old Friends Who Have Passed Away in The Current Year(Entries in Red have a link to the Obituary website):


Daniel (Dan) Labelle Joseph L. Thompson

Otis James Darris (2015)

Howard Roy Garrett

Paul Hartley Francis

Natalie Shumovsky

Norm Armour

John Dougald Mclean

John Stephen Steeves

Lloyd Philip Cara (2019)

James (Jim) Fairley

Joyce Doucette

Roger Allan Godden

Paul Byron Barr

Darryl Bruce Terris


Richard  (Dick) Georges Turcotte

Timothy Glenn Love


Stephen Patrick Madigan

Clare O’Brien

Larry Thivierge

Neil J. (Mac) MacAskill

Ambrose Augustine Atkins

Janet Mary Bell (Feeley)

Melvin Simenac

Randal Leslie Hughes More (2016)

Kathryn Peachey


Donald Franklin Medicraft

Gordon Hedley Mooers

Phyllis Phelan

Evelyn Joyce Mont (nee Wade)

Guy Chauvin

Patricia “Susan” Oakes

Robert James Starkie

Raymond (Ray) White

Turcotte, Helen Elizabeth (nee Smith)



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