Alright troops, I need your help sharing this with our veterans out there. So please get the word out.
Let’s dig deep and find some of those peacekeeping veterans out there who have never heard of the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal. If you have 30 days deployed on a recognized peacekeeping or peacemaking operation, you qualify. Some examples would be, Congo, Kuwait(1991), Golan Heights, Cyprus, Croatia/Bosnia, Haiti, Egypt, East Timor, Kosovo, etc.
While we are at it let’s find all of our veterans who served in France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium from 1951 to date. If you had six months accumulative service there, you qualify. Meaning you can combine your time over multiple trips. Also, the rules changed for folks after 2004. So if yo were there then, the qualifying time is a lot less.
For all you NAVY types out there, the SSM NATO applies to you as well. Mostly for you that served on the east coast. Again you need six months prior to 2004, but you can combine exercises and STANAVFORLANT deployments to reach your qualifying time. We just need the ships you were on and the dates.
So heading into the weekend and the lead up to Christmas holidays, please share this post and make folks aware. Share it in your veteran groups, on your personal pages, anywhere we can reach a veteran or their family that may be owed a medal.


Some Oldtimers have been asking about the Special Service Medal (SSM), with the Alert Bar, as well as the other six bars as described here.  If You feel that you are eligible for this medal, The Government of Canada has a website that describes the medal, as well as an application form.


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